The last episode of Klokhuis Heelal

Wednesday 25 November aired the last episode of the Klokhuis Heelal series that was recorded in part at the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT). The size of the audience has been excellent; e.g. episode 2, on the outer planets (image above) drew 380.000 viewers — the Klokhuis team is very excited about this success. Our own Joeri van Leeuwen was part of the team.

If you want to watch the episodes online, you can go to, or find them archived here.

How were these series realized? Above you can see the various stages for a single scene of episode 2, our fly-by of Saturn’s moon Titan. It all starts with an idea from the director, Yvonne Smits. She and her producers and editors pitch it to the TV network.

  • next they work this out in a first script, seen top left, where (roughly) Joeri van Leeuwen did the content; the editor does content, storyline and writing for the target audience; and the director thinks about which content has good visuals.
  • Top-right you see the next step, were the director thinks through and visualizes all the shots and motions. The producer then makes these happen on location or in the studio.
  • He knows all the ropes — but just outside the shot he actually holds them too, as you can see from our zero-gravity capes (bottom left). Joeri had to veto their flapping in space. This is the part with most people involved: presenter, sound, video, production, all in a small, hot studio; or on a freezing cold night on the heath.
  • Then, after an intense period of editing, sounds and video effects, the final result appears! You can see our final fly-by of Titan bottom right.